I'm a big fan of finding the PERFECT thing, and then never deviating again. I will eventually be like Martha Stewart with a house full of all these things stocked up, and it will be the most glorious feeling. These are, obvs, according to me. This list is not exhaustive, there might be a part II because I have lots of opinions.
  1. The Perfect Summer Shoe
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    The Birkenstock Arizona is literally the only shoe I actually know my size in, because I have wide-ish feet and in other shoes I have to vary between an 8 and a 9. I've worn these since I was a 🤓 14 year old and will never ever stop. A midwife cliche, I know, but I could give so many less fucks, tbh. They are so comfortable, I don't care what anyone says. Fight me.
  2. The Perfect Winter Boot
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    These are perfect because: they are preppy chic, make me feel like I could go to Harvard or have a house in Martha's Vineyard, are flannel lined, waterproof so high up, AND the leather is continuous all the way around, so no snow gets in. I will buy a pair of these every time they wear out for the rest of my life. (LL Bean - Bean Boots)
  3. The Perfect Leggings
    H&M, duh. Go up over mah belly, which is key for fat girls, and are like $7 or something crazy, and don't bag at the knee.
  4. The Perfect Wool Socks
    Kirkland brand at Cost-Co represent! These will be my fav for a long time, but I got some of these Heat Holder socks for xmas and they are so fluffy and comfy, they miiiight start giving Kirkland a run for their money. But also probably not actually, because let's be real, Cost-co prices can't be beat.
  5. The Perfect Badass Boot
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    You guys, I live in these boots and they have a floral lining 😍 (Doc Martens....the soft leather kind... I don't know what they are called exactly.)
  6. The Perfect Subtle Lipstick
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    Ok, I get that it looks bizarre in the tube, but it gives me the PERFECT rosy/plummy pop to my lips, and isn't too glossy. Looks baller on everyone ever. I like to put a bit of lip balm on first for extra moisturizing power 💥 (Clinique Black Honey lipstick)
  7. The Perfect Red Lipstick
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    I have not yet seen this look bad on anyone. Recommend MAC Brick liner to go with. (MAC Ruby Woo)
  8. The Perfect Lip Balm
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    Eos Lip balm in Blueberry. If you're not already all over this I don't know what's wrong with you. Seriously. The BEST. Hands down. Ever. All natural, smells and tastes great, cheap at drugstores, can but in bulk at Cost-Co. GO NOW
  9. The Perfect Bed Sheets
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    Wamsutta bed sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond in white because I'm ALLLLL about white bed linens. Ok, so here's the thing: these are good quality, relatively cheap as far as comfy sheets go, and available p much anywhere. I do foresee myself getting really in the schmancy bed linens of the world once I'm a baller midwife with 💰 to 🔥. So, if you have really awesome sheets recommendations, hit me up pls.
  10. The Perfect Highlighter
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    I'm weird and like to use only pink highlighters, and the Poppin brand is minimalist, so it suits my aesthetic, and you can buy a pack of 15 ONLY pink highlighters, which should last me all of this degree.
  11. The Perfect Watch (For Clinic and Cute Outfit Times)
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    Cognac leather strap? ✔️ White face? ✔️ Rose Gold Accents? ✔️ Slightly androgynous but still feminine appeal? ✔️
  12. The Perfect Watch (For Everyday Use and Births)
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    I can't find a picture that doesn't make this look hideous, but just trust that it has nerdy chic appeal in person. Also, you can change the watch faces and have it display in a minimalist time-spelled-out-in-words way. Just trust. Main selling points for me: waterproof, notifies me of calls and texts (so I can swim when I'm on call, which is key, because swimming is my main exercise), step tracker, second counter for checking fetal heart rate, ok for water birth. (Garmin Vivoactive)
  13. The Perfect Black Pen
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    The Poppin black ink pen in mint green is dueling it out with the Bic Round Stic Grip in Fine point right now. I bought the Bic pens because of @k8mcgarry amazing pen list, and I like them, but I just don't know if I can handle the fineness of a Fine ballpoint. Also, the Poppin pen's ink is blacker. It's contentious, I'll maybe let you all know who wins.
  14. The Perfect Body Wash
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    Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap. It's cheap, natural, washes off nicely, refreshing, lathers nicely on a pouf. Takes a liiiiittle bit of adjusting on the bathing suit parts. It's chilly. But the fact that my significant other could also use it as shampoo and you can buy it in super bulk is awesome.
  15. The Perfect Shampoo and Conditioner
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    This is a battle for top space too. It's between Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo and Conditioner and Rocky Mountain Soap Company Vanilla Coconut. I have curly, dry hair, that I don't style and leave natural and air dry. I also don't use hair products with sulfates or silicons. The Intelligent Nutrients one smells amazing and feels pepperminty (I have been going through a peppermint bath products phase for a bunch of years?), and the Vanilla Coconut one also smells amazeballs.
  16. The Perfect Curly Hair Cream
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    I love this stuff. I also have the Deva Curl stuff and love it too, but actually find mixing the two has the best outcome for my curls 💁🏻
  17. The Perfect Skin Care Company
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    Paula's Choice!!!! Seriously the BEST. Just go peruse the website and feedback comments. I use this line's toned and moisturizer and it is 💖😀💖
  18. The Perfect Eye Makeup Remover
    Coconut oil, let's be real. Also a great moisturizer, hair mask, and natural lube!
  19. The Perfect Quick Face Cleanser/Eye Makeup Remover
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    The Holy Grail of wonderous things. Pricey though. I hear good things about the Loreal Micellular water. Can anyone weigh in?
  20. The Perfect Hand Lotion
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    Smell is a bit strong, but I like it. Makes my hands feel like silk though, no idea how it's so much better than others.
  21. The Perfect Body Lotion
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    Doesn't have much scent, absorbs quickly, great for sensitive skin. Also, my mom always used it when I was growing up so the smell reminds me of her 😊