Also, I love Myers Briggs an inordinate amount. I already knew my Myers Briggs type, but wanted to do this cute one that all of you were doing! It stayed true to what I knew, I'm an INFJ all the way! It's seriously like reading my own mind when I read this description.
  1. I'm a wizard y'all!
  2. Yup. Super introverted over here! And no one ever believes me because I'm such an extroverted introvert. But it's true!
  3. Sounds about right. All about those feels. And that planning.
  4. Oooo, we're rare! Except...we're all on the List App. Huh. Weird how that works.
  5. Quiet extroverted types! Exactly! This quiz just GETS ME
  6. Aw. A reminder for self-care. Thanks quiz. You got my back.
  7. NBD, I'm just chillin over here with Mother Teresa, Alanis and Jon Snow.
    I love Alanis Morissette. This speaks to my young queer preteen heart.
  8. I'm bad at technology and don't know how to fit this picture. Grumpy Cat in a Parka says: You Know Nothing Jon Snow.
  9. Thanks for the reality check, Grumpy Cat.
  10. Also true. That's me struggling with the cubist oven, and getting real defensive about it.
  11. Awww, look @lamentation_of_swans it's you and meeee!
    Basically this goes on to say I'm a nightmare to be in a relationship with 😁
  12. ON PARENTHOOD: Shit you guys, I'm going to become my mother.
    Like actually OMG. No, no, she has many wonderful attributes. But also, this describes her perfectly. Oh god.
  13. That's me, dancing off into the sunset as a midwife. Accurate.
    Life coach tho? Um, no thanks.
  14. That was fun! You can take yours if you want to also be confronted by the dark reality of your true self and your future parenting realities!