Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Remember to savor people and moments.
    When you are in a beautiful moment, acknowledge it! Sometimes out loud, and sometimes just in your mind. Think to yourself "I'm going to remember this moment. This is beautiful in all its simplicity/joy/sadness". Even if you don't remember it always, it keeps you present, connecting with the world, and helps you appreciate what you have. Tell people when you appreciate them. Tell them how much you love them, that you're so glad they are in your life. That they helped you. This is how we heal.
  2. Always aim for kindness.
    We aren't always kind. It can be really hard some days. But the best connections in the world are made through love and kindness and patience. So aim for it. Forgive yourself when it doesn't happen, and think about doing better. Donate your time. Spending time making others happy improves your community, and it makes you feel better about the world. Think global, act local. Move towards kindness in your life, your family, your community. If we all did, imagine the world we would have?
  3. Trust your intuition.
    Always. Always always always. When you don't know whether you should take this path or that path. When you don't know if you should be with this person or that person. When that guy is making you feel nervous but you're questioning whether you're just being too critical/sensitive. When you wonder if you can follow your dreams. Believe in yourself, and trust your gut.
  4. That grief softens.
    Tragedy and grief are a part of life. Death is so close to the beginning of life, they are so similar. People you love will die, and it will feel like your heart and stomach are being ripped out of your body. Allow yourself to fall apart. Know that they only way through is to give yourself time. Be gentle with yourself, allow the waves of grief to crash over you when they come. And then let them recede. Time makes grief softer, but it never goes away. And that's okay. You can live like this now.
  5. To live.
    I had this thought when I was a young kid when someone was talking about the meaning of life, and it seemed really obvious, but also really profound for me. The meaning of life is to live it. Take all the experiences you can, be kind, make connections with people, fall in love, eat delicious food, stretch yourself beyond your limits. Feel alive. And if you don't feel alive, and you're going through life by rote, just do something different, for fun. LIVE everyday until you can't.