I'm very easy to please, and am SO excited about this, so really, please don't stress about it!
  1. Mix CD!
    I LOVE mix CDs, and think they're just about the best gift you can give to a person. I like a wide range of music, and always want to find new stuff, so just share your favorite stuff with me! My taste tends to favor sort of singer-songwritery, folky stuff you can sing to, but I like it all.
  2. Coffee related things.
    I love coffee more than you can imagine. I like cute mugs, good coffee, cute spoons, clips for closing my coffee bean bags. I would be thrilled.
  3. Books!
    You can see my lists for the types of books I love.
  4. Feminist stuff.
    Badass pins, badges, posters... If you're into that kind of thing, that would be cool 💁🏻✊🏻 Pertinent to all my interests (I have We Should All be Feminists, but somehow none of the others!): BOOKS FOR THE BAD(ASS) FEMINIST
  5. Art
    I love art, especially beautiful photographs, graphic stuff, watercolors, oils... If you are an artistic soul I would love something you love/made.
  6. Handmade pottery
    I love handmade pottery - mugs, spoons, vases, plates, etc. If you happen to be a potter or live somewhere with neat pottery that would be amazing.
  7. Kitchen things!
    Beautiful wooden spoons, your favorite cookbook, a recipe written out, cute containers, fancy salt... If you like cooking this would be amazing.
  8. Nice smelling things
    I like natural nice smelling things for the shower, or candles. I don't know if this would be too weird, but I'd like it for sure.
  9. Stationary
    I adore cute/whimsical/beautiful stationary! Cards, notebooks, anything!
  10. Wool things
    Knitted socks, mittens, a beanie, pashminas... My feet are size 39 in Birkenstocks (I literally only know that size off the top of my head. I'm not a giant hippie, I promise. Is that a size 9? I think so.) I like jewel colors: dark greens, blues, black, charcoal or dove grey.
  11. Literally anything you think I will like!
    Please, just share yourself with me! I love learning about people, sharing interests, finding out what makes other people's hearts sing. Write me a letter, share your favorite poem, anything! Thank you SO much! 💙💜💙
  12. My Instagram is maritathemaus if you want to follow me and get a sense for who I am! Yay!