1. Colonics
    It's just been confirmed for me that these are, in fact, real. I kinda thought maybe it was a thing just designed to fascinate me on the Internet. Or a thing that people only do in L.A. Thanks to @brookielyons for clearing that one up!
  2. Girls who shave every day
    Is this real? Or do people just say that and everyone just buys it, and really no one is actually doing it?
  3. People who do their hair/makeup everyday
    I'm in awe. I don't even understand how that's possible. I tell myself that I embrace the "bed head/sex hair" look. I think I'm actually just very lazy.
  4. People who back into parking spaces
    It's never quicker! Whyyy? Props to @grace57 for also recently bringing this all to our attention.
  5. Compound interest
  6. RRSPs
    Why am I confused about this? Because I've never had a real adult job at a place that would have these? Are these real?
  7. When the hair stylist is like "I'd like to see you in 6 weeks"
    Does anyone go that often?
  8. When people are like "Oh, no, I don't drink coffee"
    How. Just, how.
  9. MRAs
    Actually? Are you real? Are you a human?
  10. The different service lights that come up on my car
  11. People who have those pointy acrylic nails
    How do you pick things up? What if you stab your face?
  12. Related: When people still like clearly fake lesbian porn
    When their nails are all long and they're, like, smacking the other girl's bits. Shudder.
  13. Camomile tea
  14. Dry Shampoo
    Suggested by @kate81
  15. When people "haven't owned a TV for years"
    "What's all your furniture pointed at?"
    Suggested by @kate81
  16. Eyeliner Wings
    Riffing on the makeup post from above, but girls are all "slaying boys one wing at a time"....and I'm like "please eyeliner don't run down underneath my eyes and make me look like the world's shiftiest raccoon. Oops...too late. 🐼<- Panda will have to do.
    Suggested by @icupcake
  17. Crossfit
    I just don't get the whole "no pain, no gain" mentality.
    Suggested by @RStrout
  18. Sports.
  19. When dudes are into cars
    There must just be some weird visceral impulse that I can't fathom.
  20. Those carpet purses middle aged women carry
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