Inspired by @shanaz
  1. Intersectional feminism (holla @alanarogerrrrs)
    I have a brand, and my friend once told me is SJW. Social Justice Warrior. Which I KNOW wasn't a compliment. And yet, here we are. (I like unsavory jokes too you guys. I can be a lot of fun, promise.)
  2. Podcasts
    Invite me to be on one of yours! That would be dope. Or start one with me, because I reaaaaally want to.
  3. How much you love Netflix
    Because pretty much everyone in my daily life acts like they don't have time for that shit, and like it's so beneath them, because they have important no-screen-households to uphold. I don't have a TV, but I will marathon the shit out of a show.
  4. Especially if you're watching the same stuff I am, and we can nerd out about it.
    Currently anything on this list would do: Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, Master of None, Grey's Anatomy. Honestly, any show I've loved would work. There have been SO MANY.
  5. Mid-century design
    Ugh. Be still my heart. If you walk in and recognize/appreciate my Hang-It-All I would probably hug you. Everyone makes fun of my Vipp Copenhagen green garbage bin, but they would be wrong.
  6. Marimekko
    Insert love of any other Scandanavian design/homewares. Even love of IKEA tbh. But especially Marimekko, and especially dishes.
  7. Midwifery/birth stuff. I mean, duh. But it would still make you likely to be my favorite person at the party.
    Because I wouldn't have to have people ask me if I'm "like a doula" or "is it like, a year of school...?" Trying to have a teaching moment with someone who gives no shits about how valuable and important, but different, the work midwives and doulas do are. When people ask me this stuff and then glaze over and start paying attention to another conversation, it really bugs me. I pretend to care about how you "work in oil and gas", so.
  8. Food, and how much you love it. Especially if you're a hipster foodie, and can give me great recommendations without being pretentious about it.
  9. Coffee ☕️☕️☕️
    💖 My true love 💖
  10. Swimming
    I love swimming and have just started getting back into it. If you can relate about that chlorine smell, we golden.
  11. Blogssss
    Especially design blogs. Also mom blogs, writing blogs, feminist blogs, midwifery blogs, cycling blogs. But mostly design blogs. ESPECIALLY if you like Door Sixteen, Manhattan Nest, or can recommend blogs of a similar flavor.
  12. The Weakerthans
    Because they will always hold the special spot of favorite group, and now they are no longer, and most of my life no one knew who they were. 💔
  13. You're a potter and can take me to your studio so I can do wheel pottery again.
  14. How Rehab Addict was the best design show you ever marathoned.
    Also, love for character homes.
  15. Love of polka dots.
    Storytime: One time my friend's three year old daughter found a teeny barrette with polka dots on it and gave it to her mom and was like "this is Marita's, you have to give it back to her", and she was like "I don't think it's hers", and her kid was like "No. It is." So, you know you possibly wear polka dots too often when a 3 year old knows they're your thang.
  16. Body positivity
  17. Books!!!