1. It was so long, and ao much more grueling WORK than midwifery feels to me.
  2. It's so different. The needs, the low-risk vs the more interventionist/higher risk.
  3. Nurses and family doctors and OBs are incredible, amazing, overwhelmingly talented and giving and competent people.
  4. I'm so glad I'm going to be a midwife. All of my favorite parts of my job, the L&D nurses don't do. Prenatal care, getting to develop relationships with their patients, catching babies!
  5. They do SO MUCH HARD WORK.
  6. The OBs, man. Holy dedication and competence. I was so blown away by the amount of knowledge and skill they have, and what they do.
  7. I saw two c-sections last night, one was a stat section (emergent, due to baby heart rate decelerations).
  8. Watching how quickly the nurses worked to set up the OR, and count everything, how quickly and competently they had that mama in there, while her baby's heart was thudding along at 60 bpm, one minute after she's in the room they have her cleaned and draped, and one minute later, baby was out.
  9. How calmly the nurses switched gears to do neonatal resuscitation, before the respiratory therapists got to the room.
  10. How competently they suctioned that gray little muffin, and stimulated her until she squawked.
  11. Incredible.
  12. It was the most well organized thing I've ever seen, and they all do this all the time.
  13. So much respect and love for the work all us birth workers do, in different capacities and scopes, and in different ways.
  14. My favorite part of last night?
  15. I got to be labor support for a multip (not her first baby), who didn't speak much English.
  16. She came in 7 cm dilated and was laboring amazingly well.
  17. As soon as I put my hand out for her to grab while she was contracting, she took it, and then every time her contractions ramped up again, she would reach out blindly with her eyes closed, and I would give her my hand.
  18. I love that. The trust that you'll be there. That they feel you next to them.
  19. The way she opened her eyes and looked into mine, searching, shaking her head, telling me with her eyes "I don't think I can do this".
  20. And I got to smile, and hold her hand and say "You're doing it. You're so strong. Your baby is almost here."
  21. The intimacy you can build with someone you just met, what you can't even communicate with, is amazing. It's one of my favorite parts of this work.
  22. The family doctor broke her water, her contractions ramped up, and soon she was bearing down.
  23. In about three pushes she pushed out the most adorable teeny little baby girl.
  24. Who knows how she felt afterwards, because I had to leave, and won't ever see her again.
  25. But I feel honored to have witnessed the birth of her little girl.
  26. That's the part I'm good at. And I'm so grateful and glad that we have health care providers to do all facets of this work.
  27. I love love love this work.
  28. I'm off to work again, for another night shift. Have a great night everybody. 💜💙💜