1. Do I have time to shower?
    My hair is not the freshest. She's a multip and her water is broken, but no contractions...
  2. Ok, into the shower!
    Teeth brushed, conditioner in the ends, start lathering scalp.
  3. Rinsing the first lather
  4. Hear a text on my phone
  5. Step out and grab my phone with watery hands
  6. Ok, still good.
  7. Start second wash of scalp, rinse.
  8. Debate the time for conditioning.
    I have curly hair, it's a mess if I don't condition. Go for it.
  9. Rinsing hair, hear phone chime again. Decide that the suds from my hair count as washing my body.
  10. Contractions have started!
  11. Dry, dress, out to car!
  12. Ok, contractions are a bit apart, do I have time to grab coffee?
    I don't function well without coffee you guys.
  13. Decide to get coffee.
  14. Race to their house to check her.
  15. Get there before my preceptor.
  16. Finish my coffee in my car outside their house.
    Sometimes I worry that they will see me pull up outside and know I'm just loitering outside.
  17. Preceptor arrives, we go in, and do an assessment.
  18. She's not in labor yet.
    But everything sounds and looks great.
  19. Review when to call us back, and leave.
  20. We'll probably go back in a few hours and have a baby, but for now, we wait.
  21. I lament that I didn't bring any school work with me, because I thought she would be rip roaring in labour.
  22. And the moral of the story, folks, is that you should always, always, ALWAYS bring a book.