1. Age 3-5: Ballerina
    Natch. I had a mobile of sparkley ballet dancers above my bed, and liked Disney princesses, what do you expect?
  2. Age 5-6: Firefighter?
    I seem to recall something about this.
  3. Age 6-8: Olympic swimmer
    Until a "friend" got really real with me and burst my idealistic bubble and informed me that "you KNOW that's not actually going to happen, right?" I was a kid who liked swimming a lot, lived in Yellowknife in northern Canada. It was probably true, but I still resent it a little.
  4. Age 8-10: Veterinarian
    Like everyone else. I was the weird nerd who has already researched university programs, though, and for some reason had settled on going to University of Saskatoon, because one of my dad's friends said they had a good vet program.
  5. Age 10-11: Doctor
  6. Age 11-16: Psychiatrist
  7. Age 17: Dabbled with the idea of being an artist
    Abstract oil paintings.
  8. Age 16-18: Doctor, but maybe ER Doc or working with MSF.
    Then I went to University of Toronto and started taking human biology. I took bio, organic chemistry, calculus, and psychology, and hated everything, and my dreams were dashed. I realized there was no way I could handle so many years of sciences and math, and no working with people, and completely changed my major.
  9. Age 19: Curator
    Threw myself instead into studio art and art history.
  10. Age 20: Lifeguard forever?
    Took time off school. Was lost.
  11. Age 21: Barista in Europe forever?
    Moved to Germany and worked as a barista. Simultaneously loved and hated my life. Considered never going back, and being a expat weirdo bohemian working the daily grind, and just committing hard to that life.
  12. Age 22: Baker
  13. Age 22: Architect
  14. Age 22: Cook
  15. Age 22: Lawyer
    I had a bout of quickly changing my mind about where my interests lay, and decided for a few months on law, and started prepping in depth for the LSAT.
  16. Age 22: Decided to go back to school and study Sexual Diversity Studies, which happened alongside the decision to become a
  17. Age 22-29 (present): Midwife
    Had a true epiphany one night, on the Internet, when I realized that being a midwife was something I could do. Everything I was passionate about aligned and it became clear to me that this was what I wanted to do. I've never wavered since, am finishing my third year of a four year midwifery degree, and feel grateful that this is my life, every single day.