So, I'm kind-of a nutcase for design, and so even though @lamentation_of_swans and I don't move in until May I'm already designing everything in my brain. But I have a quandary and don't know what to do.
  1. So, my quandary is this: the main room is large enough that it can, and needs to, function as a living room and dining room, but I don't know where I should put my couch.
  2. I don't know how many design-y people there are on here, but in the hopes that someone likes this kind of thing, here's some pictures. Note that all the stuff in these pics belongs to the current tenant. Also, we don't have a TV to orient the couch toward.
  3. This is the window side of the living room:
  4. Here's the dining room side of the living room:
  5. Here's the view from the hallway so you can get a sense of the wall size across from the couch:
  6. And for funsies, here's the rest of the apartment!
  7. Kitchen:
    There is more counter space across from the stove, and a window with room for an island or storage or something on the wall to the right of the stove.
  8. Bathroom:
    Not a giant fan of that vanity/counter situation, but I feel like with a different floor that bathtub could look cute. (Not that I can put in new floor, just saying).
  9. Bedroom:
  10. Closets in bedroom!
    So excited because I haven't had closet space in the place I've lived for the last three years.
  11. So I feel like it makes the most sense to put our dining room table in that same space where the table currently is.
  12. This is the table we just ordered, on sale! I'm so excited. It was so expensive but we decided that since we needed a table we should invest in a good one.
  13. This is my couch:
    Which I love almost as much as coffee.
  14. So if I'm putting the dining table in that area where the current tenant has her stuff (on my Persian rug, with some wood chairs that kinda will look cute with the table I think), my dilemma is where I should put my couch.
  15. Do I put it under the window, with other chairs facing it, and then bookshelves on the wall?
  16. Or do I put the couch sort of where the current tenant has her couch, and then put a chest or something under the window for plants?
  17. I just can't decide what would make the living room area look more like its own space, but without looking like it's cutting off the room.
  18. I also feel like design people frown on putting a sofa in front of the window if you can help it, same with beds.
    Why is this? I kinda like that look.
  19. I feel like both could look good. If I put the couch under the window then I have more wall space for bookshelves, art, and record player.
  20. If I put the couch against the wall, I could put plants in the window, which would look nice, but I'm worried the room will feel lop-sided.
  21. Thoughts?
  22. I know, not a big issue, but I would love some perspective!
  23. Extra questions for you design savvy folks:
  24. What to put in the area under the window in the kitchen for extra storage/counter space (don't think we need a breakfast nook)?
  25. Does putting a bed under a window put you off?
  26. Any ideas for cheap and rental friendly ways to improve the floor in the bathroom?
  27. Thanks to anyone who has ideas! I'm SO EXCITED to design a new space and for my first place with my love! Yayyyy!!!