INT. BEDROOM — MORNING || The room is drenched in white. Walls, duvet, lampshades, etc. A window in the wall offers sunlight, indicating the time of day. A and B are in bed together.
  1. Why would you say that?
  2. What?
  3. You were insinuating something, weren't you?
  4. You were reading into it. Don't.
  5. Tell me the truth.
  6. I'm only saying that it seems odd. You and him. You and I.
  7. Oh, stop.
  8. It's weird, okay. It's weird that you were... with. With both of us and—
  9. I wasn't with him.
  10. You said—
  11. I almost slept with him but I didn't.
  12. But the things you said. I mean, he was... he wanted to. And you wanted it. Why not?
  13. Because it felt like a fantasy—like a dream, like a different reality—that's not what I wanted it to be like. I wanted it to be real, with someone I really knew, really wanted.
  14. You knew all sorts of things about him. I never give you details. You don't "know" me.
  15. I know you. The way your hair feels running through my fingers, the way you smile when you think no one is looking, the way that you drink your tea—I know that.
  16. Is this a bucket list thing? I know that this is new, but I can't be with... I don't want to be a checkbox to you. I can't be a tally mark.
  17. I am not with you right now because I have a thing or a bucket list or a quirk or whatever it is that you think I have. I'm lying beside you because I am in love with you.
  18. This isn't a fantasy?
  19. This is real.