Hi! I'm a lazy person but I try everyday to make my personal mission come true. So here it is what I'm doing now:
  1. I'm starting my new company
    A remote company based on internet. I help 'social entrepreneurs' to develop their business on te web using simple but effective tools. Also I'm developing products for specific markets of manufacturing indusrty. All here in Mexico!
  2. I'm designing transport solutions
    My second but not less important company is focused on transport solutions and hi-tech design. ;)
  3. I do Music
    Every day I practice mi music, every week I wrote new songs. :)
  4. I write a lot
    I have personal blogs were I write different kinds or styles of writings and about different topics and thoughts.
  5. I meditate
    At 7 am more or less
  6. I read A LOT!