Parks and Recreation's Andy Dwyer has the best band names in the game. Here is a list of our favorites. What are yours?
  1. Mouse Rat
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  2. Scarecrow Boat
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  3. Malice in Chains
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  4. Punch Face Champion
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  5. Flames for Flames
  6. The Andy Andy Andys
  7. Andy and the D-Bags
  8. Crackfinger
  9. Department of Homeland Obscurity
  10. Fourskin
  11. Puppy Pendulum
  12. Possum Pendelum
  13. Penis Pendulum
  14. Radwagon
  15. Jet Black Pope
  16. Muscle Confusion
  17. Just the Tip
  18. Fiveskin
  19. Threeskin
  20. Angel Snack
  21. Nothing Rhymes with Orange
  22. Everything Rhymes with Orange
  23. Nothing Rhymes with Blorange
  24. Ninja Dick
  25. Baby in a Straight Jacket
  26. Tackle Shaft
    Suggested by @ashlee
  27. Fleetwood Mac
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  28. Taint champion
    Suggested by @igrec_O
  29. Two Doors Down
    Suggested by @igrec_O