This started out as a list of the best episodes of Always Sunny, then quickly became a list of almost every episodes of Always Sunny. One of the best comedies ever! I challenge you to find one that shouldn't have made the list. What's your favorite?
  1. Charlie Wants an Abortion Season 1
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    A girl from Charlie's past reveals they have a child together; Mac sees the benefits of being a pro-life advocate; Dennis uses an abortion rally to meet women.
  2. Underage Drinking: A National Concern Season 1
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    The gang notices an increase in underage patrons; they decide to make a few adjustments to appeal to their younger crowd.
  3. Gun Fever Season 1
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    The gang learns that the bar's safe has been stolen; Dennis buys a gun; the others suspect that it was an inside job.
  4. Charlie Gets Molested Season 1
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    Charlie and Mac's old high school gym teacher is accused of molesting their former peers; Dee and Dennis suspect that Charlie is also a victim.
  5. Charlie Gets Crippled Season 2
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    The gang learns something when Charlie must use a wheelchair; Dennis and Dee's estranged father returns to town.
  6. The Gang Goes Jihad Season 2
    The gang uses unorthodox measures to save the bar from an overzealous business neighbor; Dennis and Dee's mother returns to town and makes Frank's life miserable.
  7. Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare Season 2
    Dennis and Dee quit their jobs and concoct a plan to go on welfare; Mac and Charlie suffer the consequences when Dennis and Dee quit.
  8. The Gang Gives Back Season 2
    Mac, Dennis, Charlie and Dee are given community service for the arson mishap; Frank's attempt to bond with Dennis backfires.
  9. The Gang Exploits a Miracle Season 2
    A leaky pipe at Paddy's creates a water stain in the shape of Virgin Mary; the gang tries to make money off of the mistake.
  10. The Gang Runs for Office Season 2
    The gang becomes interested in politics when Frank explains how easy it is to elicit bribes from politicians.
  11. The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby Season 3
    Dennis becomes disappointed after joining an environmentalist group; Dee and Mac decide to raise a baby they find in a dumpster.
  12. The Gang Gets Invincible Season 3
    The Philadelphia Eagles hold open tryouts, and Mac, Dennis and Dee use the event for their personal competition.
  13. Dennis and Dee's Mom Is Dead Season 3
    Frank gleefully celebrates the sudden death of his ex-wife; both Dee and Frank become enraged at Barbara's will reading.
  14. The Gang Gets Held Hostage Season 3
    The McPoyle brothers and their sister, Margaret, take the gang hostage at their own bar; Frank tries to find his will after Charlie hid it.
  15. The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty McGoo Season 3
    Dee discovers the biggest loser from high school is now a successful fashion designer, making Dee the biggest loser now.
  16. The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation Season 3
    A Korean restaurateur threatens to bump Paddy's from the coveted and profitable stop on the city's annual pub crawl.
  17. The Gang Sells the Bar Season 3
    The gang agrees to sell Paddy's when they get an offer they can't refuse; Dee and Charlie are forced to find jobs.
  18. Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire Season 3
    The gang tries to become famous; Frank, Charlie and Mac try their hands at news reporting; Dee and Dennis start club-hopping.
  19. Dee Is Dating a Retarded Person Season 3
    Dee starts dating a famous local rapper; Mac, Dennis, Charlie and Frank decide to start their own band.
  20. Dennis Looks Like a Registered Sex Offender Season 3
    Dennis' mistaken identity bothers him for the wrong reasons; Mac tries to bond with his ex-convict father, who bothers Dee.
  21. The Gang Dances Their Asses Off Season 3
    Paddy's is accidentally put up as a prize for a dance marathon; the gang must enter the competition to save the bar from The Waitress and Father Mara.
  22. Mac & Dennis: Manhunters Season 4
    Dee and Charlie develop an unsatiable cannibalistic hunger after mistakenly eating some of Frank's human meat; Mac and Dennis take hunting to the next level.
  23. The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis Season 4
    Mac, Dennis and Charlie invest in barrels of gasoline and sell them door to door; Dee and Frank discover that Bruce plans to give money to a Muslim center.
  24. Mac & Charlie Die Season 4
    After Mac's father is released from prison, Mac and Charlie stage their own deaths to save their lives; Frank, Dee and Dennis find unique ways of dealing with the loss.
  25. Who Pooped the Bed? Season 4
    Frank and Charlie discover that somebody has pooped in their bed; Dee leads the waitress and Artemis on a night out on the town.
  26. Nightman Cometh Season 4
    With the help and support of his friends, Charlie stages a rock opera based on his song "Nightman."
  27. The Gang Hits the Road Season 5
    Dennis, Mac and Frank plan a trip to see the Grand Canyon; Dee and her small bladder crash the party; Charlie shows up despite his fear of leaving the state.
  28. The Great Recession Season 5
    Mac and Dennis try to keep the bar afloat in the tough economic times; Frank starts a family business with Dee; newly poor people gather outside the bar.
  29. The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention Season 5
    Dee, Dennis and Charlie plan an intervention for Frank; Mac and Frank are both interested in Aunt Donna.
  30. Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens Season 5
    When a merchandising convention comes to town, the gang tries to develop marketable products in an attempt to build the Paddy's brand.
  31. D.E.N.N.I.S. System Season 5
    Dennis reveals his fool-proof system for seducing any woman to the rest of the gang, but they don't grasp the concept.
  32. Mac and Charlie: White Trash Season 6
    Mac and Charlie try to fix up an abandoned pool in order to beat the heat wave; Dennis and Dee try to beat the heat in a more 'dignified' and 'upper-class' way.
  33. Who Got Dee Pregnant? Season 6
    The gang gets a real scare after Dee reveals she's pregnant, forcing the guys to recall their last hazy Halloween party to determine who might be the father.
  34. Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth Season 6
    Dee takes a job as a substitute teacher and exposes her students to the culture of Paddy's with a field trip to see the Gang's take on the Lethal Weapon series.
  35. Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats Season 6
    Keeping the basement rodent-free drives Charlie to the brink; the gang throws Charlie a surprise party.
  36. Frank's Pretty Woman Season 7
    The gang attempts an image makeover to uncover the heart of gold that exists deep inside Frank's prostitute fiancee.
  37. Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games Season 7
    It's an epic battle when the gang plays one of the most twisted board games ever; Dee and Dennis face Mac, Charlie and Frank.
  38. The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre Season 8
    In an effort to sever all ties with Maureen, Dennis and the gang plan to crash Maureen's wedding and wreak havoc.
  39. Gun Fever Too: Still Hot Season 9
    The gang takes a look at the gun ownership process and alternatives to find a common ground on this heated issue.
  40. Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare Season 9
    The gang does its best to recoup its investments in questionable schemes by dumping the losses on Ben the soldier.
  41. The Gang Squashes Their Beefs Season 9
    When bad blood with old foes complicates the ideal Thanksgiving dinner, the gang tries its best to make amends.
  42. Charlie Work Season 10
    Charlie's in charge when a surprise health inspection interrupts a less hygienic project; he rallies the gang together to make sure Paddy's passes the the test.