Name of Amy's Sex Tape List 📼

Brooklyn Nine Nine: A list of our favorite Amy's sex tape titles compliments of Detective Jake Peralta. What's your favorite?
  1. Kind, Sober, and Fully Dressed
  2. It's Not Your Fault. I Was Terrible
  3. I'm Sorry About Tonight
  4. I'm Not Going to Touch That
  5. I'm Horrible at This. When Can We Stop?
  6. Better Not Bite Me in the Ass
  7. I Hope it Doesn't Get Too Sexual
  8. What is Taking so Long?
  9. A Blast of Cold Air Coming Out of That Box
  10. Why Doesn't Your Mouth Work?
  11. It was a little less unbearable with you
  12. I'm with someone, nothing's going to happen
  13. I hope it wasn't a mistake title of your sextape... oh no, our sextape!
    Suggested by   @chrisgill