Parks and Recreation's Tom Haverford is the king of making up new words. We've compiled our favorite in The Tom Haverford Dictionary. What's your favorite?
  1. Old Ass Grapes: Raisins
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  2. Vanilla Ice: Soft Serve Ice Cream
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  3. Bust-A-Nut: Nutella
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  4. Lazy Gaga: Lasagna
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  5. Notorious P.I.G.: Pork
  6. Cereal Sauce: Milk
  7. Malt Whitmans: 40's
  8. Oink Steaks: Pork Chops
  9. Gucci Mane or Guaca Guaca Flame: Guacamole
  10. Punky Brewsters: Beers
  11. Adam Sandlers: Sandwiches
  12. Fro Yo Ma: Frozen Yogurt
  13. LL Cool Ade: Lemonade
  14. Tea-Pain: Tea
  15. Celery Swank: Celery
  16. Lil' Surprises: Dumplings
  17. Kanye Blood: Ketchup
  18. Teacher Candy: Apples
  19. Lil' Bow Wows: Cocktail Weiners
  20. Hot Ice: Water
  21. Chew Chew Trains: Gum
  22. Muhammad Alis: Boxers
  23. Busta Rinds: Pork Rinds
  24. Milk on the Rocks: Ice Cream
  25. Proud Cheerios: Fruit Loops
  26. Lil' Flapperz: Hot Wings
  27. Cabbage Patch Kids: Brussel Sprouts
  28. Tickle Water: Seltzer
  29. Deja Food: Leftovers
  30. Food Rakes: Forks
  31. Hulk Wieners: Pickles
  32. Better Faster Stronger Water: Gatorade
  33. Bear Drool: Honey
  34. Pre-birds/Future Birds: Eggs
  35. Leaf Piles: Salads
  36. Biggie Smalls or Tiny-Ass Lobster: Jumbo Shrimp
  37. Bean Blankies: Tortillas
  38. Cream-Filled Criminals: Cannolis
  39. Pee Cologne: Asparagus
  40. Lame Cookies: Crackers
  41. Chicky chicky par par: chicken Parmesan
    Suggested by @emilyannlosey
  42. Big Ol' Cookie: Cake
    Suggested by @chrisgill
  43. Long-ass rice: Noodles
    Suggested by @francium
  44. Root beer: Super water
    Suggested by @champagneandtacos
  45. Chicky catch: chicken cacciatore
    Suggested by @champagneandtacos