Nathan For You is a docu-reality comedy series following Nathan Fielder, a Canadian business school graduate, as he strives to help real struggling small businesses turn a profit. His methods are unconventional at best, but finds success more often than not. Full review, trailer & streaming links here:
  1. He is either an idiot savant or a certified genius.
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    After watching this series, I’m convinced Nathan Fielder is either an idiot savant or a certified genius. He finds actual small businesses that are falling on tough times and meets with the owners. He then provides them with a tailored new business plan that most would find absurd.His interactions with owners and customers are painfully funny. His comments are on par with someone suffering from aspergers. I have laughed to the point of tears on several occasions.
  2. His makes national news regularly
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    This is partly what makes this series great, but Nathan takes it one step further. He puts his plans into action and for the most part they are effective. In some cases, they are so effective he grabs the attention of national news outlets and in one particular instance, international news outlets. Chances are you’ve heard about a couple of his successful business plans and not even realized it was him. Does “Dumb Starbucks” ring a bell? That was Nathan Fielder.
  3. It's actually real!
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    Some question how much of the show is actually real. From extensive research, I’ve found that a majority of it is real. The business owners agree to take part for exposure on Comedy Central, but they are real people, with real businesses and real customers. It’s said that Nathan is playing up his character, but otherwise it’s completely unscripted. Comedy Central doesn’t do any marketing for his business plans and his reach is completely authentic.
  4. Final thoughts
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    Nathan For You is difficult to put into words. It’s something you must experience for yourself. The socially awkward comedy is next level and the unorthodox marketing strategies are actually inspiring. Nathan Fielder shows us that anything is possible if you work hard and have a complete disregard for social tact. Check out the full spoiler free review, trailer and instant streaming links
  5. He graduated from one of Canada's top business schools with really good grades.
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  6. Sex appeal
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