1. "Bad (remix with Rihanna)" - Wale. I still hate him but Ri Ri saying she'll be good in bed but bad to you is the best
  2. "Throwback"- B.O.B. (Also "Headband") - Chris Brown makes it infectious
  3. "Guap" - Big Sean - he usually annoys the F out of me but this one is solid
  4. "Whoa" - Black Rob (name another Black Rob song)
  5. "All Gold Everything" - Trinidad James - he was a one hit wonder but this never gets old to me
  6. "The Corner" - Common (props to Yeezy)
  7. "Dope (featuring Rick Ross)" - Tyga - he's usually a one note guy but this beat and Rick Ross take it to the next level for a brief moment
  8. "Or Nah" - Ty Dolla $ign (only because of The Weeknd and Drake though)