1. Robert Durst
    Killer of at least 3. See The Jinx.
  2. Tom Delay
    Former House representative who laundered money to help republicans run for office in Texas. Also famous for some shameful involvement in the Terry Schiavo case. General nightmare criminal.
  3. David Koresh
    Leader of the Branch Davidians cult in Waco. Child abuser, statutory rapist, Your typical insane cult leader.
  4. David Mark Temple
    Killed his pregnant wife and put her in a closet. Great dude.
  5. Celeste Beard Johnson
    Met a woman in a mental health facility who fell in love with her. She convinced the woman, "To Die For" style, to murder her millionaire husband in his sleep. Sweetheart.
  6. Billy Joe Shaver
    Country singer who shot a man in the face outside a bar and got off on self defense charges, Durst style.