1. I decided at age 8 I wanted to be a director. I felt so strongly about it I'm still at it many years later. Gender didn't play into it at all. It was more mysterious that I was into staging ultra violent battle aftermath scenes with my older brother.
  2. Directing is about stories you connect with. Everyone has a story to tell and if one gender wins at connecting to that over the other, I gotta give it to my sisters.
  3. Don't hire me because I'm a woman. Please don't lazily rewrite a male character as a female because it's a hot topic right now. Don't pitch me your worst rom com. When you assume . . .
  4. Being a woman can be hard. Society poisons us with insecurities and infighting. We feel and love deeply. I won't even start on supporting other women because you just have to. What I will say is that struggle only enriches art and some of the best films of our time will be directed by women.