As requested by @dev
  1. Embrace the medium
    It's not anonymous but there are no set rules and that's a beautiful thing. The great thing about Twitter (my favorite platform) is that it's your thoughts, unfiltered and (hopefully) off the top of your head in the moment. It could make people laugh, make them feel less alone, piss people off, spread like wildfire, or just stand alone. Trying to predict the response ruins it in my opinion.
  2. Be yourself
    One of my favorite parts of Twitter is that people develop unique voices within those character limits and it changes over time.
  3. Nerd out
    I'm a huge nerd about several subjects and anyone that follows me probably knows it. Our interests bring us closer and now whenever Tom Hardy moves a muscle or there's a development with the Twin Peaks revival or the Robert Durst trial, someone lets me know. I love it.
  4. Channel your anger to a safe place
    Once I flew behind a nightmarish passenger and Twitter kept me from killing her. Sometimes the injustices in this world are just too much. Get it out!
  5. Be as weird as you want
    Someone out there thinks your favorite weirdest observation is as funny as you do.
  6. Interact
    Hit a favorite with some faves.
  7. Insomnia can be a beautiful thing
    Unless you're on Ambien. Don't tweet on Ambien.