The Jinx is everything.
  1. Also has an elitist, very wealthy New York father - he was able to confront Durst at that charity event bc he was also invited
  2. Has a running theme of daddy issues in all his work
    "Capturing the Friedmans" is also the realest
  3. Obsessive
  4. Married to an obviously poorly chosen facial hair choice
  5. Has 2 successful brothers who also make acclaimed films
  6. May be lying about his role in the perfectly timed arrest of Durst
    Not that there's anything wrong with that
  7. May have cast Gosling in "All Good Things" just to flatter and draw in Durst
  8. Definitely placed a poster of "All Good Things" right behind a shot of himself in episode 6
  9. Co-wrote the painfully cheesy theme song to Felicity with JJ Abrams
  10. Co-founded Moviefone and sold it to AOL in a very retro, savvy way
  11. Has a wife named Nancy which just makes sense