1. Reading "Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana" over and over in middle and high school.
  2. Seeking out all of Kurt's musical influences at indie record stores all around Virginia & DC and really loving a lot of them
  3. Playing guitar in bands partially as a result of my love of Nirvana. I remember the "girl groups" would always cover Hole and I would be the one girl in the all male band. Not much has changed.
  4. Lying in the floor of my bedroom listening to "In Utero" over and over and over
  5. Watching Nirvana:Unplugged for the first time in total awe
  6. The feeling of dating bipolar and/or addict guys as a high and how chaotic and nightmarish it can be
  7. Heartbreak for Frances
  8. Staying up all night with my friends and sister to watch 120 Minutes every Sunday
  9. Zines
  10. Discovering Daniel Johnston because Kurt wore his album cover on a t-shirt
  11. Distinct memories of watching most of the concerts featured in the doc in their entirety and wondering where my attention span went
  12. Hearing Kurt had just died on my way to see Pearl Jam in DC with my mom and best friend. They almost didn't go on but they did and they played a long sad tribute by candlelight. I remember the singer from Mudhoney joined too and them singing Neil Young "it's better to burn out than to fade away."
  13. Heroin is bad bad bad news :(