Not that into ranking albums but @levnovak this was a juicy request. This is all based on my opinions and how into the albums I've been in my life.
  1. 1. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Yeezy takes the top spot. This album is perfect.
  2. 2. The Chronic - it changed the face of hip hop and I gotta rep Cali in the #2 spot
  3. 3. Graduation - Kanye changed the face of hip hop again, paving the way for more abstract themes
  4. 4. Yeezus - say what you will about it but this is an ALBUM
  5. 5. College Dropout- fly from top to bottom
  6. 6. The Chronic 2001- if only for the Nate Dogg
  7. 7. Late Registration- "now let me end my verse right where the horns are like..."
  8. 8. 808s and Heartbreak- such a heart wrenching album
  9. 9. Watch The Throne - meh. But "That's My Bitch" gets me hyped.