1. Cheers
    Dad and Mom were equally in on this one
  2. Cosby Show
  3. Family Ties
    Alex P Keaton was a legend
  4. Growing Pains
  5. Moonlighting
    Would BEG mom to stay up and watch at 9
  6. Dallas
    Mom and I were shocked when Bobby woke up and I remember it like it was yesterday
  7. Friends
    My mom owns all seasons and all special collections on DVD
  8. Classic comedies with Mom at all other times
  9. My Sister Sam
    RIP Rebecca
  10. Designing Women
    Julia Sugarbaker is the ultimate
  11. The Golden Girls
    My boss wrote on this and it blows my mind always
  12. Roseanne
    One of our faves
  13. The Wonder Years
  14. Seinfeld
  15. The Young and the Restless
    Once we were visiting LA and I bewildered some of its actors by asking for autographs
  16. Thirtysomething
    They seemed old AF :(