Last 10 albums I listened to in their entirety

Inspired by @nikkilounoel
  1. Dr Strange Soundtrack
    Really well written music by Michael Giacchino.
  2. The Köln Concert
    If you want to read a book and listen to some wonderful piano music, this album is for you.
  3. Lemonade
    Beyonce. That is all.
  4. Searching for Bobby Fisher
    One of James Horners greatest soundtracks.
  5. Blackstar
    David Bowies last album. Truly remarkable.
  6. Hamilton: an American musical
    Do I need to say anything here. Just listen to it!
  7. Kind of Blue
    I love jazz, but even if you don't...give this album a try.
  8. The Burgh Island EP
    Such good music. In fact just listen to Ben Howard and then we will just list the song we like here!!
  9. Amy Dickson
    She is going places in the classical saxophone world. Amazing tone and choices of music.
  10. Lincoln
    John Williams. He is not actually allowed to die.