Favorite corners of the world

  1. Gift shop just out side the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland
    I love the whole ride and the Blue Bayou restaurant, but there's a small gift shop just as you come out of the ride, tucked into a little corner, where you really feel you could be in another world
  2. Henley on Thames
    To me this is the quintessential English village. Beautiful, quaint (can I say quint without offending those who live there), the Henley Regatta, and a bridge over the river.
  3. Hester Street, Lower Manhattan
    It's not really beautiful, but it felt real.
  4. Bullfrog, Lake Powell
    Blue sky, red cliffs, blue water. Every time I'm there I wish I was there all the time.
  5. Restaurant Marrakesh, Epcot Center
    I know, another Disney location, but my wife and I had the best dinner there. We were starving, it was raining and the food was great.
  6. Albion Basin, Big Cottonwood Canyon
    It's where we lost our mother. It feels a little closer to heaven.
  7. Muir Wood Forest
    I've only been here once. We came with my daughter - she earned a trip with her parents. The place is magical.
  8. Murray, Utah