I've been trying to figure out if there's a way to add a sound clip - I'm still a caveman lawyer.
  1. ". . . scream without raising your voice . . ."
    Running to Stand Still, Joshua Tree. Iconic U2, captures the whole grainy black and white feel.
  2. "I'll give you everything that you want, except the thing that you want."
    The Original of the Species, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. I'm not exactly sure what this song means, but I've run into this concept more than once in my own life.
  3. With or without you.
    The One Where Ross and Rachel take a Break.
  4. Where the Streets Have No Names
    The introduction. Before Bono even opens his mouth. Pure U2 magic.
  5. MLK
    The live video performance. You can see steam coming off Bono as he sings.
  6. 360 Tour
    Rice Eccles Stadium, Salt Lake City. Still relevant. Still rocking.
  7. With or Without You
    Oxford High Street. Summer 1990. We called him Eddie the Eagle. A goth street performer with an electric violin. He played all of the tracks, laying one on top of the other. It was amazing.