He plays guitar and she sings like a nightingale.
  1. This is not a name, just a great picture of them
  2. Squeaky Clean
    Suggested by her mother
  3. The Lauren & Brett Experience
    Not very original
  4. Us 2
    Simple, clean
  5. We the People
    They would open every show with the Star Spangled Banner
  6. Green Eggs and Ham
    Let the crowd wonder which one is the Ham
  7. TSwift and Garfield
    Should be obvious
  8. I'll go to Class, I can't go to Class
    BandSlam wanna be's
  9. Juliet & Romeo
    Slight, but profound, variation on their origin story
  10. Breadsticks
    Probably the best name on this list
  11. David & Laree
    Why not?
  12. The Monsoons
    We're in for some stormy weather
  13. Suspense
    Great name, and I'll tell you why
  14. Uni, Chop-Chop, and Ginger T
    It's a long story and doesn't apply, but the Thompson Twins weren't twins and there were three of them, so who cares
  15. Paper Airplanes
    Second best name on this list
  16. I could go on, but it's getting late
    Great band name or just the end of this list