Accountant for 14 years, Grandmother to three, mother of four boys, married for 46 years
  1. Yoga
    My son is an avid fan of yoga. I would like to try it to see what he sees in it.
  2. Piano
    Have always wanted to play the piano. Am a great typist, and kind of wonder if that means I would find piano easier than others.
  3. Sew
    Not sure to what extent, but I love quilts, so maybe I will start there. I have made one small one, so it's not like I have no clue what to expect.
  4. Volunteer at Children's Hospital
    Went there yesterday and saw the sign about volunteers, and thought, oh, yes, that would be nice!
  5. Organize my recipes!
    What a mess they are right now!
  6. Get in really good shape
  7. Learn to make really nice greeting cards