I was only there a few years but I get asked this a lot since I moved to Toronto. I'll leave out what I don't miss about LA.
  1. The weather
    Might as well start with the obvious.
  2. Sunsets over the ocean
    I swear every time I manage to catch a sunset in Santa Monica I can't believe what I'm seeing happens every damn day. It's unreal.
  3. Lots of nearby places to visit for a day
    Malibu, Venice, Pasadena, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, downtown, OC, Laguna, etc.. No matter which one you choose to live in the others are nearby and are inspiring and fun to visit.
  4. It's really friendly
    I miss how friendly people are on a daily basis. Maybe it's that so many people are transplants, trying to cope with at least some degree of loneliness. And sure, it's probably pretty superficial. Maybe even it was my lowered expectations in this area because it's not really something LA is known for but it was definitely my experience.
  5. The hustle
    This can get tiring, but most everyone in LA is there to try and do something. Chasing a dream, whatever it may be, isn't unusual, it's the norm. You can feel it in the air the moment you arrive, it's magical.
  6. It's happening all around you
    Icons of past, present, and future are all around you. If you're the best in the world at something, even if you don't live in LA you've been there. Ideas are all around you are being born and developed and reaching all around the world. When powerful people are in other cities they are usually insulated by people, confined to hotel rooms, restaurants or private events. But LA is where they live, you'll see them shopping for bananas at the supermarket.
  7. People want to collaborate
    I've found since moving to Toronto that people are incredibly insular. They're resistant to work with people and prefer to say no to things. In LA it was the opposite. What can we do together, can we help each other, can we make something cool. It's that collaborative attitude that has surely helped the city and the industries within it be so successful as a whole.
  8. People are more down to earth than you would think
    No matter how big you are in LA there is someone bigger nearby. The economic scale of LA is huge and there are so many people on every rung of the ladder that only the most delusional feel truly special. Sure, that helps a lot of people be insecure, but I found it made many more down to earth.