Inspired by @magic SPOILERS
  1. I love Spider-Man and I think they pulled that off perfectly 👌
    I can't tell you how excited I am for a Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and I'm SO GLAD it won't be another origins story.
  2. I ship Wanda and Vision.
    I can't help it.
  3. How old is Wanda actually supposed to be??
    Elizabeth Olsen is 27 but they're always referring to her as a kid and Clint at one part says "If you want to mope you can go to high school." Also her room is so teenage girl, what with the guitar and the bulletin board...
  4. I need a Scarlet Witch movie
    Come on guys.
  5. All of the Avengers are incredibly good looking and I don't believe they're real people.
    Especially Steve.
  6. When Cap says "suit up" where do they all go to change?
    They're in an airport parking lot and they all have to change into skin tight fighting suits. Did they just do it in front of each other locker room style? Did Wanda get into Clint's creepy van for privacy? Did Scott need help zipping up the back of his shrink suit?
  7. Black Panther is so cool.
    So. Cool.
  8. Why does Natasha NEVER pull her hair up?
    @finny_in_space brought this to my attention and I think she makes an excellent point. Who wants to worry about getting hair in your mouth/eyes when you're kicking butt? Although Marvel is beating DC in terms of feminism, it still has a ways to go (i.e. Let our girls tie their hair back AND GIVE THEM THEIR OWN MOVIE.)
  9. Bucky and Nat know their way around a motorcycle
    Like WTH. Too cool.
  10. The fights just cool too.
    Sometimes I get bored in action movies during the fight scenes. That never happens in a Marvel movie though. They're just too cool.