You are all important and loved and wonderful. I'm impossible grateful for this community.
  1. There's a part in a movie I love where a teacher talks about finding things out about his father after he'd passed away.
  2. I didn't know @biz
    I didn't even really know her on list. I think the reason for this is that I became active around the time of her hiatus, but I wish I could have known her.
  3. I was looking through her lists last night and two in particular made me cry.
  4. The first one because it was like getting to know her
    Even though she's gone, which felt a little surreal
  5. The second for similar reasons, but also because it was like a little snip of her soul
    Something I learned about her, as I was getting to know her last night, she was a beautiful poet.
  6. Not all her lists are profound great things.
    Some of them are funny. Some of them are just her ranting.
  7. Our lives aren't always great profound things.
    We all have our moments of creation, but life is full of other things too. Hard things, messy things, simple happy things.
  8. And that complication is really what makes our lives beautiful.
  9. What we leave behind of ourselves is just an imprint.
    And Biz left her imprint on our community, in her lists and friendships that she made. A very human way to be remembered.
  10. I don't really know what else to say
    Except that my heart has been so full as I've watched our community react to this hard thing.
  11. I love this community
    It's people like her that have built this community into what it is today.
  12. I've loved all of your beautiful tributes and thoughts
  13. And even if I didn't know Biz, my is still heart breaking for her family friend and list family and friends.
  14. Lastly, check out @quixotic's list AN UNPRETENTIOUS INVITATION TO COMMEMORATE @BIZ. It's a beautiful idea, I wish I could go.