Books I Read This Month (September)

I read SO MANY book this month I am READY for this list.
  1. My Best Friend's Exorcism
    It's like watching an 80's high school movie, but one of the main characters has been possessed. Very creepy, super good. Like it's made the list of books I need to own. Thanks for the recommendation @jakebrandman 👍🏻 9/10
  2. Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda
    It starts with our main character getting low-key blackmailed. Which is a problem (duh) because Simon isn't out to anyone; except for his pen pal Blue, who he might be falling for... This one really broke the straight white trend of YA which I REALLY loved. 7.5/10
  3. I'll Give You the Sun
    Another book that I NEED TO OWN. It's dual narration about twins. The sister's chapters happening 2 years after the brother chapters. It's like reading a painting. (Also @hannahbee I want you to know that I am taking your list request very seriously. So seriously it's going to take me forever to finish but I'm working on it.) 9/10
  4. The Rest of Us Just Live Here
    In fantasy YA you have the Chosen Ones and the Zombie Slayers and then the rest of the kids that go to their high school. This book tells the extras' stories. Quick read. Lot of fun. 6/10.
  5. Fun Home
    A stunning memoir about a girl and her complicated relationship with her father and her feelings after his death. Yes it is a graphic novel. Yes it's also a musical. Yes it's beautiful. 8/10
  6. —books I tried to read this month—
  7. Ready Player One
    I could NOT get into this. It was weirdly written and honestly I didn't care about the story or characters. I don't understand why it's so popular. Someone explain. 3/10
  8. Are You Seeing Me?
    This book is also about twins and also dual narration so I knew from the get-go that after I'll Give You the Sun it was bound to be a let down. Still, it's tells an interesting story about mental disabilities and what it's like dealing with them, could be worth some time. 4/10