Unfortunately I can only do this for New Who. Although I've seen my fair share of Classic Who, I haven't seen all of it so I don't feel like I could rank the Classic Doctors accurately. (also I have a feeling my opinions will be unpopular but whatever we're doing this)
  1. 5.
    Christopher Eccleston
    I love Nine. Of course I do, who doesn't? Lemme fight you. The only reason he's down here is because it was early 2000's and some of his episodes are just a little TOO weird (i.e. Mickey getting eaten by a trash can or the Cat Nuns)
  2. 4.
    John Hurt
    John Hurt made a very good Doctor. He's a very good actor. The 50th Anniversary was very good. I just still think the whole extra regeneration idea was a little out there.
  3. 3.
    Matt Smith
    I love Matt Smith like I would love my own child. He's adorable all the way around. Season five is probably my second favorite season. But, I didn't love him and River and although I love Clara with my whole soul, I definitely didn't love season 7.
  4. 2.
    David Tennant
    He just is the Doctor. He is.
  5. 1.
    Peter Capaldi
    I was so ready to hate him. His character has ended up being so different than what you would expect from him, though. He is the best of every Doctor in one. With a little punk rock sprinkled on top. His seasons have utterly blown me away. Season 8 and 9 are definitely my top favorite seasons of Doctor Who. There just weren't any bad episodes. And he had Clara, who was the Best.