DISCLAIMER this movie changed my life and the probably the world and I love it BUT STILL—
  1. No kiss
    Maybe controversial opinion, but I don't love that this happened. It diverted the focus of the story away from the plot in a not super great way. Plus the way they left it ambiguous if they slept together or not was also kind of a bummer. Not that she shouldn't have any relationships, but that kind of thing is the kind of implying thing you see in James Bond movies—ya feel?
  2. "Do you believe in all this Steve?"
    Diana REALLY believes that WWI has been causes by the god of war but the gang isn't buying it. Steve doesn't actually answer this question, but the answer he SHOULD have given was "I believe in her," BECASE HE FREAKIN SHOULD BELIEVE IN HER SHE CAN PICK UP TANKS WITH HER BARE HANDS.
  3. "I believe in THEM"
    The last fighting hoorah moment is this moment when Diana realizes her strength through the power of love(?) her actual line is "I believe in love." Which okay, a) a little cheesy b) discredited any relationship she'd ever had before? Like she hadn't ever felt love before meeting Steve? Like not even for her aunt or mother or ANYONE? She hadn't even known Steve a whole week? Saying that she believed in "them" or the human race (or really anything else) would've driven the point home better.
  4. The costume
    Yeah the Amazons dress kind of like gladiators sure, and there is a lot I appreciated about what she wore BUT I still think pants are practical. So is shoulder armor. And tying your hair out of your face idk guys I'm just spitballing here. I guess she didn't really need all that though because the bullets never flew out of reach of her arm band things. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. But now forget everything I just said because we've been so blessed with this movie.
    And Gal Gadot's face.
  6. Ok I take back what I said about costumes purely because of this thread: https://mobile.twitter.com/AWeaverWrites/status/878967719072288768
    On a personal level I like pants and I stand by them, but I get that warriors just don't have time for that nonsense.