1. Li.st
    Duh 💕
  2. Messy Nessy Chic
    The tag line for this blog is "make the Internet a more interesting place." Nessy (who runs the site) is a Parisian and just collects interesting things in fashion, art, history, and whatever else. I can literally spend hours on here.
  3. Lin-Manuel Miranda's twitter
    Yes I have his tweets on notification. His good morning/night tweets are crucial to any good day. HOW CAN I HAVE A GOOD DAY IF LIN DOESN'T TELL ME TO HAVE ONE?
  4. Batcii's tumblr
    I 👏 love 👏 her 👏 style.
  5. DoYogaWithMe.com
    It has a bunch of free yoga videos, and they're actually pretty good.
  6. Rookie Mag
    Okayokayokay I LOVE Rookie Mag. It's run by Tavi Gevinson who alone is the coolest person alive and it's just kind of collections of art and stories and most of it is submitted by readers.
  7. IMDb
    I just binge watch trailers sometimes.
  8. The comment section on a picture a girl posts of herself
    So supportive. So pure. So many 😍's.