I woke up feeling achy and stuffy on Friday and unfortunately it's just gotten worse from there, I mean today is better, but mainly I've just been bored.
  1. Number of cold and flu medicine boxes taken: 2
    Not pills, like full boxes. I'm taking my pill every 4 hours like a good girl and there are so many little empty packages lying around it's kind of wild.
  2. Books started: 3
    Bone Gap, City of Saints and Thieves, Ordinary Grace
  3. People that have come over to keep me company and watch movies with me: 1
    They're probably going to be on their death beds next week but 🤷🏼‍♀️ I did warn them in advance.
  4. Baths taken: 10
    Yeah I know this is really just a waste of water.
  5. Cups of tea made: 5
  6. Times I've left the house: 3
  7. Hours of BBC Emma watched: all 4
  8. Episodes of Twin Peaks watched: 17 1/2
    I don't want to know how many hours that is no one figure it out.
  9. Liters of water drunk: not enough probably.
    It's hard to remember to keep filling up my water bottle.
  10. Other movies watched: 4
    Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, A Cinderella Story, Central Intelligence, Lego Batman.
  11. Days of work missed: 2
  12. Bowls of Chick-fil-A Chicken noodle soup eaten: sadly, 1.
  13. Times @ashhh has misdiagnosed me as hypothermic: 1 too many.