Inspired by @ohaityler this is probably going to be about as easy as ranking your favorite children I LOVE YOU ALL EQUALLY IM SORRY
  1. Samuel Seabury
    Nobody asked you hon
  2. Peggy Schuyler
    That one friend who isn't down with revolution 🙄
  3. Philip Hamilton
    I get it, you want to make a name for yourself. BUT DID YOU HAVE TO GET SHOT ALONG THE WAY?? THINK OF YOUR MOTHER PHILIP
  4. Mariah Reynolds
    Come on girl get cho life together
  5. Thomas Jefferson
    This has nothing to do with Daveed Diggs. I love Daveed Diggs with my whole soul. Jefferson's just so cocky though.
  6. James Madison
    Basically Jefferson's hype man— but he's just so chill
  7. King George
    I just love Groffsauce.
  8. George Washington
    Hamilton's figure father and voice of reason + the voice of aN ANGEL
  9. Hercules Mulligan
    C l o t h i n g
  10. John Laurens
    Any place with Laurens is the place to be
  11. Lafayette
  12. Aaron Burr
    Most developed character ever to character.
  13. Hamilton
    Your fave problematic
  14. Eliza Schuyler
    "In the words of the kids, a cinnamon roll too precious for this world."
  15. Angelica