A list of things I've learned from different mothers in my life
  1. Mom
    How to work hard and do everything and somehow pull it all off without loosing it. But also how to pray.
  2. Grandma Frog
    What it true love looks like.
  3. Lindsay
    Relentless pursuit of your goals.
  4. Robyn
    Love everyone unconditionally.
  5. Grandma Jeanne
    An appreciation for sunsets, painting and "spookers".
  6. How to balance feminism and motherhood (and raise the cutest children alive) all while making everything hilarious.
  7. Grandma Linda
    The importance of family.
  8. Grandma Finlinson
    Keep on keeping on.
  9. Sister Waldron
    How to balance feminism and religion.
  10. Jess Stalings
    It'll get better.
  11. Amanda
    Confidence in the face of everything.