Inspired by @Zeealist
  1. I'm not proud of a lot of things about myself
    Sure, my race is included in that.
  2. I don't like thinking about the history of Europeans as the history of "my people"
    I don't like thinking that the blood in my veins ever came from the kind of person that could view anyone as less than them. I don't like associating myself with that kind of hatred.
  3. I don't understand everything about every race related issue that goes on in the world.
    I am ridiculously sheltered from most of that. And I can't relate to most of it at all.
  4. I know white privilege is a thing.
    Because I go to high school with white teenage boys in Utah.
  5. I don't love always feeling like I have to apologize for my race.
    But I'll keep doing it. Because there will probably always be white racists out there lowering everyone's opinion of us in general.
  6. There isn't a lot I can do about all this.
  7. I can't change the color of my skin.
    It is what it is. I get sunburned and live in my white culture bubble and dance really poorly and apologize my way through it all.
  8. I can't understand most of what woc go through.
    Any kind of oppression I might face in my life time is just the tip of an iceberg of terrible things that they might have to/have faced.
  9. What I can do though is support improvement and change in our society.
    I can do that by standing up to the well meaning but offensive boys that I go to school with. I can do that through what I say and how I treat people and what I choose to like and share on my social media outlets.
  10. I am proud to be a feminist.
  11. I'm proud of women.
    I am proud of every suffragette that fought for the right to vote in England, in Latin America, and everywhere else. I'm proud of Rowan Blanchard and Amanda Stratenberg using their voices speak out on different social issues. I'm proud of the heroine of the Standford Assault Case and her bravery and the beautiful letter she wrote. I am proud anytime a woman stands up for herself or makes herself heard. I'm proud anytime a woman encourages another to feel good about herself or to feel beautiful.
  12. Those are my people.
    The women who stand up for what they believe in every day. The women who fought and those that are still fighting. That is a history I'm proud to associate myself with.
  13. And I am going to celebrate every time women accomplish anything.
    I'm gonna celebrate my friend getting a pixie cut or her cute outfit or getting a kill in a volleyball game. I'm going to celebrate every time a woman is published in a magazine or decides to get into politics or has the cutest baby ever.
  14. And it's even more incredible and celebratory worthy when it's women of color doing the accomplishing.
    Because there's just that much more oppression and stuff to get through for them. It gives children role models and people to look up to. Giving girls role models that look like them or teaching them tolerance. Their accomplishments are amazing and inspiring.
  15. So I'm going to celebrate your content and your ideas.
    We're different people. We like some of the same things and some different things. I like following you and I like your lists. I think you're pretty cool. And I'm gonna be proud anytime you speak up for yourself. And I'm gonna celebrate that.