Least favorite changes I have to face too regularly
  1. When the teacher would change the desk arrangement in elementary school
    Just when I'd get use to the t shaped tables and sitting next to Connor and Samantha BAM I'd be moved all the way across the room and can't pass notes with Tali and Kate anymore. THE WORST.
  2. Trees getting cut down
    It looks like a scar
  3. New cars
    Sure getting a new car is exciting but what about all the long trips and drive in movies and that one time you let me drive home from the hospital after we met our baby cousin for the first time?
  4. Someone leaving
    If you enter my life I expect you to be in it for the long haul
  5. Classroom changes with new semesters
    Worse than changing desk arrangements just think about changing CLASSMATES. Same class, same period, but DIFFERENT KIDS. *Shudder*
  6. Sleeping not at home
    Vacations are okay, but any time I have an overnighter at a friends house or whatever there's always a sense of panic for a second where I just wish I was home and in my own bed.
  7. Haircuts
    I always miss it. Normally about 2 months after I've cut it and I see an old pic of me with long hair.
  8. Any changes in my bedroom
    I switched bedrooms with my sister two summers ago and even though my new room was bigger and better I still got choked up thinking about my old bedroom. I'm mostly over this now, but I also regret any little change I make in my room in general.
  9. Going from school to summer or summer to school
    I get used to a certain routine. I don't like mixing it up.