1. My summer reading for school is the Scarlet Letter
  2. I thought I'd start it because I'm a good kid
  3. Super 80s copy I found in my room
  4. It isn't annotated which is weird because I KNOW @finny_in_space read this when she was in high school
  5. So apparently we own more than one copy of the Scarlet Letter?
    Which is actually normal for my family, we have like six different copies of Pride and Prejudice and I know we have two copies of Tale of Two Cites because they're both sitting on my windowsill.
  6. So I open this up.
  7. And
    The back is scribbled in.
  8. At first I think it was me when I was little trying to figure out how best to write my name.
  9. But then
    Not little Elise handwriting
  10. And then
    Ominously creepy for some reason.
  11. ...
    "Only if you talk to your brother about me."
  12. Apparently there will be no talking to the brother.
  13. Again ominously creepy.
  14. Finally.
    I can't read this one.
  15. Resisting the urge to Ginny Weasley this whole situation.
    But like not resisting cause it's not that big of a temptation, really I'm just kind of freaked out.