I Started Screen Shoting Stranger Things and It Got Out of Hand

  1. Y'all this show is the most carefully storyboarded thing ever.
  2. I mean just look how pretty these shots are.
  3. They're like paintings.
  4. Just...
  5. The lighting oh my gosh
  6. ✨ D r a m a t i c ✨
  7. ✨ P r e t t y ✨
  8. ✨ C o m p l i m e n t a r y ✨
  9. And the shots that are framed like this
  10. Or this one
  11. Or
  12. So aesthetically pleasing I'm gonna die
  13. Look
  14. How
  15. Pretty
  16. I love this alphabet wall so much
  17. Another hugging one but look at how nice the flow is in this
  18. And the thirds here
  19. And this one's just iconic
  20. Anyway. I finished Stranger Things today. That's all.