Inspired by @ShawnKelly
  1. Worrying that your friends actually hate you
  2. Getting broadway songs constantly stuck in your head
  3. Writing long winded rants at 3 in the morning
  4. Sudden obsession with Lin-Manuel Miranda
  5. Finding paint everywhere
    On your clothes, behind your ear, the bottom of your foot...
  6. Chronic procrastination
  7. Intense feelings of saltiness
    @ everyone and everything
  8. Crying over cartoons
  9. Sudden need for diet coke
  10. Drinking 2-3 liters of water a day
  11. Having to pee every 20 minutes
    2-3 liters is a lot of liquid. Not to mention that Diet Coke...
  12. Playing music too loud
  13. Alarming decrease in your flirting abilities
  14. Wanting to save every banana sticker from Ecuador
  15. Inability to nap
    Unless fatigued or really cozy
  16. Compulsive doodling
  17. Intense need to wash your hair every day
    Even though you know it's bad for your hair or whatever
  18. Being passive aggressive
  19. Compulsive spending
    Mostly on food