She's the only friend (other than @lucille but she doesn't list that much) that I showed to and actually got excited about it and made one so
  1. This is Candelynne.
    She's pretty cool. We watch weird 80s movies together sometimes.
  2. She works with Planned Parenthood.
  3. Planned Parenthood sent her to Sundance Film festival to interview people this year??
    She missed like a week of school because she is literally too cool for school.
  4. She's had terrible taste in men in the past, but her current boyfriend is pretty cool, so we're improving.
    Even though boyfriend #1 was eh ok at photography (he took this cute pic of us🌸) BUT WE HATE HIM SO IT DOESN'T MATTER.
  5. She's a pretty rad artist.
  6. She's like always sick and it makes me sad.
    Her immune system needs to get its crap together.
  7. We met in seventh grade.
    We had CTE together and we bonded over a love of Doctor Who and use of the word "precious" in everyday conversation.
  8. She's also a rad writer
  9. She's been to Paris
    Cause she's just cool and cultured like that. Picture credit: @cand3lynn3
  10. She's my go to concert buddy
    These are from Death Cab for Cutie last summer.
  11. Also my go to Comic Con buddy.
    Look how cool her costume is.
  12. Hey @cand3lynn3 you're cool, welcome to ☺️