Inspired by @finny_in_space
  1. Elise's Fears
    My friend wanted to make a list. It isn't a very accurate list and will probably never see the light of day.
  2. Collages in My Room Right Now
    I am actually going to make this one. Eventually...
  3. New Art
    The counter part to Old Art (OLD ART) just to assure everyone that my art skills have improved
  4. I'm Salty Today
    Never posted it on the day I was actually feeling salt so is now irrelevant
  5. Albums that Changed My Life
    It's a one item list. (It's Hamilton.)
  6. Five by Five
    Not actually sure what I was going to put on this one.
  7. Untitled List
    Another one item list with "dog" as a caption and this gif. I have no idea why or when but its there.