Liz and Monty

I just have a lot of feelings about Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift (go listen to this great podcast about them:
  1. The first night they met he started calling her "Bessie May"
    When she asked him why he said: "The whole world knows you as Elizabeth Taylor, but only I call you Bessie May."
  2. Obviously they clicked from the moment they met, and that bond never went away.
    But they never married and history disagrees over whether or not they were ever an actual couple, mainly because history also disagrees on whether Monty was gay or bi.
  3. Regardless, they were close.
    A fiancé of Liz's once said to Monty: "Elizabeth likes me, but she loves you."
  4. When she had her first child, Monty showered the baby with presents.
    So much so that their friends joked it was actually his child. His response: "I wish."
  5. Their lives were actually total messes.
    And they were a mess.
  6. But aren't they such a beautiful mess?
  7. When Monty got in a car accident in 1956, Liz ran out to the street, noticed his teeth had fallen out and were stuck in his neck, and she pulled them out with her bare hands.
  8. That night she rode with him to the hospital in the ambulance and the driver wouldn't carry Monty inside without Liz paying him $10 first.
    She didn't have any cash. Monty didn't have any cash. The driver wouldn't take her thousand dollar diamond earrings instead.
  9. When Monty died of a heart attack (he had terrible health due to his drinking and substance abuse) Liz was filming in Rome.
    She insisted that the shoot go on.
  10. The day of the funeral though, Liz was unable to work at all, in hysterical tears all day.
  11. The story of multiple marriages and addictions is common a common theme in Hollywood, especially in early Hollywood.
    Usually ending in tragic early deaths, like their story. In many ways, they were typical.
  12. But they were also unique.
    Everything's so much larger than life and blown out of proportion in Hollywood, to find/see something so sincere is rare.
  13. Learning about them, I kept thinking about "soup snakes" and how sometimes even if people click in such profound, perfect ways, their connection doesn't guarantee a happily ever after.
    Life isn't like it is in the movies. (Ha ha.)
  14. They were tragic and messy.
  15. But aren't they pretty?