Movies I Watched Over Fall Break, Chronologically

I live for long weekends.
  1. Sweeney Todd
    I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. The cast isn't like one you'd see on stage, but I think one could argue that that was a stylistic choice. It's actually pretty well done overall.
  2. Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Recording
    I guess October movie marathons with Elise just means watch a lot of dark musicals. (Also the 25th Anniversary is the best version of Phantom FIGHT ME.)
  3. The Life of Pi
    So we didn't finish this one... but we got through most (?) of it.
  4. A Cinderella Story
    S/o to @maryyhorne for knowing exactly what I'm in the mood to watch.
  5. When Marnie Was There
    For most of the movie I thought it was pretty, but really weird. And yet, by the end of it I was sobbing my eyes out.
  6. Labyrinth
    So in hindsight I guess this is a movie that only really makes sense if you've been raised on it (like I have)— otherwise it's just Bowie and his bulge with some freaky puppet goblins, but I LOVE IT.
  7. Austenland
    Are Rom Coms ruining my life? Why yes. Yes they are. Thanks for asking.