I force my friends onto li.st. It's a hobby.
  1. She's actually my sister and actually SHE forced ME onto li.st (which we should all thank her for) so she shouldn't really be on this list but I knew she'd get mad if she wasn't. She's lists (almost) as much as I do and she's pretty cool so y'all should go follow her. Check out these lists she's made about me 😏 Photos You Should Always Keep on Your Phone Reasons My Sister is the Best Lists I Want @finesse to Write Really Nice People
  2. After MONTHS of me telling her to, she finally got a li.st. At first just to stalk me, but she's caved in. Her lists are actually awesome. Check out my personal favorite, a list about being antisocial (her favorite pastime) things i would rather do than be social
  3. Technically she's tied with Mary in frequency of listing. Regardless her lists are also awesome. Check out her list about working at Planned Parenthood, Some of the Most Common Questions I Get Asked When I Tell People I Teach Sex Ed
  4. It was her birthday yesterday. Also her lists are cute just like her face. Check her out LOVELY PEOPLE
  5. That's it
    I love that you guys are making lists it makes me so happy.